Brake Failure

How can you spot brake failure?

Find out if you need your brakes repaired

It goes without saying that having working brakes is important for safety. Yes, it’s important for your car to be able to go, but it’s even more important for your car to be able to stop. You may have heard that you should watch out for the early signs of brake failure, but what are the exact signs you should look out for? Here are some telltale signs that your car’s in need of brake repair.

If your brakes are grinding, instead of coming to a smooth stop, that’s an indication that your brake pads are worn down. Once they’ve gotten to this point, you’ll definitely want to get your brakes checked out, as ignoring the issue can lead to damaged discs.

If your brakes are squealing when you press them, that means the metal piece attached to the brake pad is rubbing against your rotor. This is an indication that you should get your brake pads replaced. It’s also typically advised to get your brake pads replaced every 50,000 miles.

If your car pulls to one side or the other while you’re braking, that can be a big safety hazard. Be sure to bring your car in the second you notice veering so that a professional can address the issue.

Is your car leaking brake fluid? If so, you’ll typically notice a pool of brown or yellow fluid under your vehicle. Other signs include your dashboard brake fluid indicator coming on, and your brake fluid reservoir being low despite you having filled it recently. If you don’t immediately spot the leak, it could be internal: leaking from one component into another. If you notice any of these signs, definitely bring your car in to be looked at by a professional.

A brake fluid leak can also lead to your brake pedal feeling soft. This causes your brakes to feel soft or spongy, and it’s an indicator that you should get your brake fluid changed. If your brake pedal is too soft – that is, if your pedal falls straight to the floor without any resistance – that could be a problem with too much air in your brake lines.

If your car vibrates when you brake, this can signal that your rotors are warped.

Lastly, if your ABS light comes on, that means your car has detected an issue with your brakes. ABS stands for “anti-lock braking system”. For safety reasons, it’s important that you bring your car into the shop ASAP so that a mechanic can thoroughly inspect your brakes.

It’s important to keep your brakes in tip-top shape. Your safety, and the safety of others on the road, could be at risk! If you need brake repair in West Chester, PA, give Bimmerworks a call. Our helpful staff will gladly help you with any of these issues, as well as any other problems you may come across with an imported car.

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