Suspension Noises

What is your car trying to tell you? A guide to suspension noises

The first sign you need a suspension repair could be something you can hear

In terms of your suspension, there are a couple of noises you should listen out for. Cars can’t speak in words, but if you’re hearing any noise coming from your car, it’s important to find out what that noise is trying to tell you. Driving with suspension issues is dangerous, so if you notice any of these sounds emanating from your vehicle, definitely take it in to be checked out as soon as you can.

Suppose you’re hearing a rattling sound coming from your car. In that case, that can be an indication of multiple issues, including various aspects relating to the suspension. However, typically, this sound is a warning sign for transmission issues. No matter what, if your car’s making a rattling sound, prioritize making an appointment and bringing your car into the shop to be diagnosed.

This may sound obvious, but the steering wheel is an extremely important part of your car. Therefore, if your steering wheel is making grunting or squeaking noises when you make turns or go over bumps, that could be a dangerous sign. These sounds could be telling you that the mechanism that controls the steering wheel is close to failing. Definitely bring your car into the shop as soon as you can if you notice sounds like these – your safety, and the safety of others, depends on it.

Your car is meant to drive in a certain way. Suppose you notice that it’s rocking back and forth or bouncing around more than usual, as well as emitting a creaking sound. In that case, that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re having suspension issues. These motions and sounds will become even more apparent if you drive over uneven roads or speed bumps, so watch out for that, as well. If you think you’re having suspension problems, definitely bring your car in to see our experts, as this can also be a safety issue.

Lastly if you’re hearing knocking sounds while you drive, that could mean your shocks have been worn down. It could mean that parts of your suspension are vibrating together, which isn’t ideal. This knocking noise is particularly pronounced when you drive over a bump or around a corner. So, be on the lookout during those moments.

If you’re reading this, it’s possible you’ve heard one or all of these sounds while driving around. Don’t panic, but do definitely prioritize bringing your car into Bimmerworks in West Chester, PA to be diagnosed by our friendly professionals. Our imported car experts will get your vehicle back into perfect shape quickly, efficiently, and with excellent service.

Written by Developer Autoshop